Choosing the meals that we serve to our families appears to have taken on a new lease of life! With many of us finding we now have more time at home, we are re-discovering the joy of cooking and baking and turning to our favourite chefs for inspiration.

Choosing the meals, we serve to our families has always been a chore.  With so many factors to consider in todays varied lifestyle choices, here we have selected a handful of recipes that are sure to please in the taste department, whilst going easy on the waistline. Many can also be frozen – yippee!

Healthy Minestrone Soup from Tom Kerridge – under 30 minutes to prep, warming and hearty enough for supper. Leftovers can go in the fridge or freezer. Or indeed make in bulk for the freezer and an easy mid-week lunch or supper.

Lasagne – how about this healthy One Layer version from Tom Kerridge (again). Quicker than normal to prepare at under 30 minutes. Or for a lighter carbon footprint, a vegetarian option from Jamie Oliver using spinach is very tasty – you can also swap the dairy milk for oat milk to reduce the carbon footprint further. Again these are great recipes to double up and put one in the freezer.

Chickpea Chard Pork from Jamie Oliver is a brilliant quick supper. The pork can be swapped for chicken which is generally healthier and lower in carbon footprint. Remember to buy British organic free to roam produce wherever possible.

Eggs Florentine casserole is quick to prepare, hearty, warming and a great way of getting greens into kids! Just drop the sausage for a healthier (and vegetarian) option.

Moroccan vegetable tagine, a fabulous one pot spicy as you like treat. Plus you can bulk make and put some in the freezer. One of our favourites.

For pudding….

Fruit crumble – quick and easy, use whatever fruit is in season (or in the freezer!). Apples, rhubarb, pear, plum, cherries or a mix of your fancy. This Jamie Oliver version keeps it classic.

Hairy Bikers Dairy Free Brownies – quick, delicious, carbon light and can be frozen! What more could we want?