For any new parents with baby concerns, we have currently had to suspend our weekly Q&A sessions. Our Lactation specialist, Paediatric Osteopaths and Doula are still available for initial telephone consults – just contact us with your query.

All our homeopaths and osteopaths are very experienced in dealing with paediatric and pre- and post-natal issues and frequently work together to get the right course of treatment for you and your family.

Pain is very common in pregnancy but this does not mean it is normal or needs putting up with. Pain is usually an indicator that some part of the body is not compensating to pregnancy as it should. Back pain, indigestion, pubic symphsis dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain and rib pain are just some of the symptoms that pregnant women are frequently told they have to just ‘put up with’. Osteopaths are trained to assess and treat mechanical or functional issues that often lead to these problems.

We treat women throughout pregnancy and can provide gentle exercises or stretches to keep aches and pains at bay and help towards a healthy, happy pregnancy.


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