A fully qualified, experienced acupuncturist with a passion for helping children and adults improve their health, vitality and sense of well-being, using traditional Chinese Yin and Yang balanced Acupuncture.

Angelina grew up in China, Guangzhou city which is a very traditional city where the TCM philosophy and Five elements theory are embedded in the culture and naturally applied in daily life. Angelina’s brother is a local acupuncturist and herbalist so she was brought up in such an atmosphere where TCM philosophy and acupuncture points are naturally rooted within her body. Her family all benefit from these ancient forms. These experiences really encouraged Angelina to become an Acupuncturist and be able to practice this wonderful unique form of medicine and be able to help others. Apart from Angelina’s certificate of Acupunture, she also has a diploma in Paediatric Acupuncture, a certificate for Master Tung Bleeding and a certificate for Infant Massage. Angelina’s believes the more she learns the more she can help others to be the best version of themselves and to find the true balance that we all need.

Angelina’s aim is to help you:

1. Restore, promote and maintain good health,

2. Establish equilibrium within the body,

3. Get you back to health as quickly as possible,

4. Improve your lifestyle, diet or exercise through on-going advice.

Angelina has a particular interest in helping a variety of health issues such as pain management, digestive problems, emotional / mental health issues, women’s health and sleeping disorders etc.

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Angelina has helped with:

Pain management: Back pain / lower back pain, stiff / frozen shoulder, knee pain, tennis / golf elbow pain, sciatica, headache / migraine, tooth pain, abdominal pain, weakness of the legs, acute / chronic wrist / ankle, sprain muscle spasms, mobility issues, repetitive strain injury (RSI), children and adults sport injury.

Emotional / mental health issues:

Anxiety / Depression/ Stress, Grief/loss, Fear, Restlessness, Overthinking, Excessive worrying, Balance of emotions, Lack of confidence.

Women’s health:

Painful period, Pre-menstrual syndrome, Irregular menstrual cycle, Heavy bleeding, Leucrrhoea, Morning sickness during pregnancy, Menopause, Skin issues.

Digestive problems:

Poor appetite, Eating disorder, Diarrhoea / constipation, Vomiting, Limbs oedema, Abdominal distention and fullness, Aid reflux / indigestion, Bloating / Gas, heaviness / tiredness.

Sleeping disorder and others:

Finding hard to sleep, Wake up several times during night, Lie awake at night, Wake up early and can’t go back to sleep, Light sleep.

Baby and Toddler care:

Colic, Broken sleep, Restlessness, Diarrhoea/constipation, Vomiting / Nausea, Abdominal pain, Cry at night.

Children and Teenagers well-being:

Bedwetting, Poor appetite, Excessive eating, Learning difficulties, Delayed development, Diarrhoea/Constipation, Urination infection, Ear infection.

Children & Teenagers Emotional support:

Anxiety / Depression, ADHD / ASD, Self-harm, Eating disorders, Fear, Phobias, Feeling lonely, Mood swings, Difficulty in making friends.