Mindfulness is about living in the present moment, fully noticing your environment and seeing the experiences life has to offer – just as it is.

Mindfulness & Compassion training helps you feel better equipped to manage stressful situations, to stop being so hard on yourself, take control of your thoughts, stop sweating the small stuff, start noticing the little things and rediscover the world that you’re already living in a new way.

“Paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally.” (Jon Kabat Zin)

The practice of mindfulness helps you become more aware of your mind, body and environment, become more accepting of what you can and cannot control and how to let go of stressful situations. Mindfulness meditation help you develop your awareness, acceptance and focus skills.

Thanks to advances in clinical research in the field of mindfulness and brain imaging technology, there are a number of studies that demonstrate the benefits of learning and practicing Mindfulness.

Mindfulness can improve your sleep, immunity, communication and relationships, physical health and build greater resilience. With mindfulness coaching you can learn to:

  • Live in the current rather then the past or anticipating the future.

  • Give your full focus to things happening now rather than feeling that everything is only getting half of you.

  • Enjoy the fun and joy in your life with out the stress in your life being overwhelming.

  • Feel like you achieve the things you want.

  • Manage your emotions to achieve calmness.

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