When the announcement came that there was a vaccine that could protect us from Covid-19, the whole country felt a surge of joy – finally, a way out of this pandemic. But for those people who hate, or have a phobia of needles and injections, that joy was immediately followed by a burst of anxiety!

‘Can I avoid having the vaccine?’ ‘How am I going to cope?’ ‘How can I get over this fear?’ might be just a few of the thoughts that went through your mind if you are one of these people. The answers would be that it’s probably much better to get the vaccine, that you can learn how to cope, and hypnotherapy and EFT can help you to let go of the fear and gain new skills that will enable you to face the injection calmly. In essence, what we are doing in hypnotherapy is learning to use the imagination to develop strategies and coping techniques to resolve the issue.

There are also some simple techniques that you can practise yourself such as belly breathing, imagining yourself to your ‘safe place’, applied tension and hypnosis techniques.

Find out more in this article from Louise Coyle, our hypnotherapist

Imagine the sense of achievement you will feel when, not only are you protected against Covid-19, but you have overcome fears that may have bothered you for many years. Preparing you to move forward into the future with confidence and new skills.