1. What was the inspiration behind your chosen career path?

My role as a hypnotherapist evolved rather than being a conscious decision. I initially worked as a medical journalist and then in PR, writing about diseases and new medicines and whilst I loved these jobs, once the children had come along, I had time to reflect on where I wanted to take my career next. I took a day course on hypnotherapy, then enrolled on another, then a more advance course and it evolved from there.

2. What challenges you most about this role?

I think the most challenging thing for me is communicating to people that they don’t need to be broken to get help. No-one need fear that their issues are too trivial for help. I have learned that I need to take my own advice in life and take myself out of my comfort zone in order to get this message across. Communication is huge and being able to engage with potential clients is an excellent way to decide if this is the correct way forward for us both.

3. What is your favourite element of the role?

What I enjoy most is hearing how people’s lives have been transformed. I had one client tell me she feels ‘like a totally different girl’, which was lovely to hear, and one young person told me that meeting me was the best thing that happened to them in the whole year, because they had learned how to manage those anxious thoughts and feelings. Previous clients will come back to me with either something different or perhaps even for a ‘little top-up’. The schedule of visits can often be quite sporadic, but generally tend to be around 8 visits, with clients then choosing to come back to if and when needed.

4. How do you relax when you aren’t practising?

I enjoy walking my two rescue dogs, one of which is quite old now. I also enjoy ice-skating when the opportunity arises.

5. What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Maris team?

The best thing is being a part of such a lovely, supportive bunch of people! I was previously a client of the Maris Practice for a number of years, on and off. It’s a lovely place to be and when I qualified as a hypnotherapist it evolved from there and seemed the perfect progression for me.