Dr Sutherland studied the intricate relationships of the bones and membranes of the cranium which houses the brain, and developed both a system of diagnosis of problems in their inter-relationships, and a series of techniques to balance them. If there is a restriction in the movement of these structures, the flow of fluids and nerves within the brain is impaired causing problems such as headaches, glue ear, and sinus problems. Releasing these restrictions helps pain and congestion, and as the brain is the crucial coordinator of all our functioning, whe whole body’s health.

Our Osteopaths have carried out hundreds of hours of post graduate training in the Cranial Field and most have completed and/or taught on the Post Graduate diploma/Msc in Paediatric Osteopathy. This is a two year intensive course studying further paediatric examination, illness and syndromes and osteopathic treatment.



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Cranial and Paediatric osteopathy