Are you struggling to deal with understandable worries and anxiety? Are you feeling overwhelmed by what is happening in the world? Learning some simple tools to manage your stress can help you to feel calmer, more relaxed and better able to cope. During a one-hour session (either in person or online) our hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner Louise Coyle can show you a variety of tools to help you manage your anxiety better so you feel calmer, more relaxed and more positive.

Get in touch with reception if you would like to arrange an appointment.

Corona-anxiety First Aid Package

To help people to cope better with these unprecedented times Louise is offering one-off, online sessions designed to increase resilience and coping mechanisms. During this session she can teach you:

  • How to deal with anxious, unwelcome thoughts,
  • How to sleep better,
  • How to relax more deeply,
  • Ways to boost your immune system using self-hypnosis and visualisation.

This session also includes a preliminary 15-minute phone call when we discuss your personal needs, and answer any questions you may have.

One Hour of Calm online relaxation workshop

If you simply want to build your mental resilience then you can join Louise’s online relaxation workshop. Different relaxation techniques suit different people, so Louise teaches a range during the sessions, enabling you to find out what suits them best. Sessions can be recorded so that you can practise at home on your own. Check Louise’s website or social media for details of timing.

Click here to access Louise’s FREE hypnotherapy recording to help you manage your anxiety during these stressful times.