The relationship between a mother and her baby is fundamental not only to the baby’s survival but to its future physical and emotional health. Breastfeeding is an important part of that relationship.

It has long been known that mother’s milk is the best milk a baby can have. It is genetically matched, perfectly balanced nutrition which also protects the baby from bacteria and viruses in their environment. It also contains important human growth hormones to ensure that the baby reaches its full potential.

Sadly, in the UK many women struggle with breastfeeding. Research by The World Health Organisation has shown that giving women up-to-date, evidence-based information and especially good post-natal support makes a huge difference to whether breastfeeding is a uniquely joyous experience for a mother or an unhappy and painful one.

Until recently we have been very fortunate in this area that we have a number of drop-in breast-feeding counselling sessions, unfortunately these are reducing in number.  Many mothers prefer the privacy and time allowed in a one-2-one session with a counsellor. This dedicated time ensures any specific issues for the mother and child can be addressed with no disturbance and complete focus on the mum and baby. The Maris Practice now offers a specialist breastfeeding support service provided by four International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. They offer one-to-one support for breastfeeding, both antenatally and postnatally. Each of our Lactation Consultants has many years of experience counselling mothers through the National Childbirth Trust and within the NHS. Their aim is to empower mothers to not only to breastfeed their babies but to enrich and enjoy their experience of motherhood. Mostly people attended The Maris Practice for appointment but home visits are also available subject to availability. Prices on home visits vary depending on location.

*** currently appointments are only available for ‘at home’ visits. To book these, please contact our lactation consultants directly – click here. ***



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