Free Paediatric osteopathic checks for young babies

Every week, we offer a number of baby appointments for babies up to one-year old. This allows you to bring your child to the practice for an examination and gentle cranial osteopathic treatment, if appropriate, free of charge. This provides an early opportunity to release any strains from pregnancy and birth.

The benefits of cranial osteopathy for babies are becoming increasingly widely known but we are keen for more children to have the opportunity for treatment. Whether or not there is a particular ’cause for concern’, the appointment offers the chance for a full consultation, examination and treatment as appropriate. If it seems that there would be a benefit from further treatment, you will have the option to book another session at the usual rates if you wish. Subject to availability each child can received one osteopathic appointment free of charge.

This initiative has a double benefit – as well as helping to spread the word about cranial osteopathy for babies, it also provides an opportunity to generate funds forĀ Skylarks, a local charity providing support for children with special needs and their families. The treatment is free but parents are invited to make a donation to Skylarks in the box provided.

These baby checks are very popular and we can be booked up four to six weeks in advance for these sessions. To take advantage of this offer call now on 020 8891 3400 and state that you would like to book for the free baby check offer (otherwise our standard charge will apply).

If you prefer an earlier appointment for your baby, simply call us to book a cranial osteopathy appointment and our usual treatment fee will apply.

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