Our mum and baby clinic has gone online!

Join us; a lactation consultant, a doula and a paediatric osteopath every Monday online from 10-11am to ask all those post-natal questions that are troubling you:

  • Why is feeding so painful?
  • Is my baby getting enough milk?
  • Have I got under supply/over supply?
  • Why does my baby cry so much?
  • Is this latch OK?
  • Will the vomiting stop?
  • Does it get easier? (Yes -BTW!)
  • Why does my baby only look one way?
  • Should the poo be this colour?

The list goes on…..

Just log-on, with or without your baby near by. It is an informal get together and we will try to answer as many questions as possible in our hour session. If you have anything you want to ask before Monday please drop an email.

Online Mum and Baby Q&A

Just £4

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