Kinesiology was developed by George Goodheart in 1964. He was an American DC. Kinesiology is a holistic therapy which uses muscle response testing to measure the motor response of the nervous system to a sensory challenge. By doing this, imbalances can be determined and methods to rebalance the body can be indicated.

Autonomic Response testing is a system of evaluation and treatment developed by Dietrich Klinghardt (MD, PhD) and Louisa Williams (DC, ND). Autonomic Response Testing (ART) grew out of the importance of detecting and correcting problems in the Autonomic Nervous System – both sympathetic and para-sympathetic system. The Autonomic Nervous System is fundamental to our health. It refers to our unconscious bodily functions, such as the heart rate, digestion and breathing. ART allows the practitioner to correct the problems of the ANS and to help restore the body’s self-regulating mechanisms.

Combining conventional Kinesiology and ART allows for a great degree of accuracy and will even uncover dysfunctions at a sub-clinical level, i.e. when the problem is so tiny that the person may not be aware of it, and many modern methods of testing could not detect it.

What does a Kinesiology + ART testing session cover?

  • A general scan of all your organs, matrix and intracellular space – when stress/weakness is found you are also tested for natural remedies / support to bring it back to optimum function. 
  • Microbiology – test for resonances of common infections that include parasites, bacteria, virus. If infection is found, you will also be tested for the specific anti-microbial remedies that are effective to the detected infection.
  • Food sensitives / intolerance – test for food items that may be harmful to the body. This usually takes place when food appears to be the main issue upon taking health history or during the initial consultation.
  • Heavy metal, environmental sensitivity and toxicity – test for the most common heavy metals and environmental toxins that could be the potential cause of many unknown illness. When this is detected, you will also be tested for the safe and effective natural remedies to help eliminate these toxins.
  • Other possible tests could be for hypoxia, dehydration, Mitochondrial function, nutritional deficiencies, phycological issues, jewellery sensitivity, electro magnetic radiation(EMR), geopathic stress, structural issue.

What to expect from a session:

  • Upon making your initial appointment you will be asked to fill in “Intake form – health history” and to submit at least 48hours prior to the date of the initial appointment. Your health history will be carefully examined prior to your initial appointment.
  • On the day of the initial appointment, we go through with your health history. You might be asked some additional questions if necessary. (For children under 16th, this process will be done on the phone prior to the appointment with her/his parent). 
  • Now the testing begins. You will lie on the treatment table fully clothed. You can also be seated if you are unable to lie down or feel more comfortable sitting. I start educating how muscle testing works directly on you (the patient). Your arm needs to be able to resist to a certain pressure that I place on your arm. If you are too young, have cognitive challenge and/or have physical difficulty doing this, you will be asked to be accompanied by your parent, partner or career who can be your surrogate.
  • Once you become familiar with muscle testing, I start with a general organ scan by locating my hand on top of each organ and body systems. Food, drugs, supplements, microbials, heavy metal toxins are tested against your field, which is at least 1 foot away from the body. All the testing vials are made homoeopathically so it’s not harmful to the body even if it makes physical contacts.
  • By the end of the testing session you will have a very clear picture of your underlying health issues and the effective treatment plan. Everything detected and prescribed during the session are individualised.
  • A copy of written-up “tailor-made” treatment plan will be sent out to you following each session.
  • Kinesiology + ART testing is non-invasive and 100% pain-free😊
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