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I decided to see a Nutritionist following several appointments with GP's and private consultants who were unable to provide me with any diagnosis. When I came to Sarah my immune system was extremely low, I was suffering from colds and chest infections on a monthly basis. I experienced stomach upsets regularly and struggled to digest some foods. I was extremely tired and lacked drive and energy. After some simple tests Sarah identified that I had adrenal fatigue, poor gut health & low stomach acid. She advised me to take supplements to help boost my immune system and also some to support my adrenals. I took specific probiotics while following a Candida diet to aid my gut health along with digestive enzymes to help with my low stomach acid. My immune system is now much improved and I haven't had a cold/ flu for months now. The Candida diet with probiotics has been a huge success and has made an amazing difference to my lifestyle. After commencing with the adrenal supplements I have started to see an improvement in my energy levels and should see the full benefits after continuing with them for up to 6 months. Sarah also recommended a multi-vitamin tailored to balance my autoimmune disease - coeliac. This is extremely important as I learnt from Sarah that the wrong supplements could have an adverse effect on people suffering with autoimmune conditions. Prior to seeing Sarah I believed my diet was healthy; however following advice from Sarah I learnt the importance of eating enough protein, sufficient oily fish and healthy snacks to balance sugar levels. I will be continuing with the supplements and diet plan Sarah has tailored for me as they have made a huge difference to my life.