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Shauna Wyldeck-Estrada - The Maris Practice

Testimonial: Shauna Wyldeck-Estrada

  • Jane T

    What is so uplifting about Homeopathy is that it genuinely feels like it treats the whole person and not just the illness.

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Shauna Wyldeck-Estrada

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Shauna has been in practice as a Homeopath for over 30 years.  In that time she has run Mother and Baby Clinics,  Low Cost Clinics, Workshops on  how to use a Homeopathic First Aid Kit and supervised students in homeopathic case taking.  Shauna has worked at Sony and Oracle as a health advisor for staff with long-term stress issues.

Shauna has a long experience and success in the treatment of babies, children and health problems affecting women both at home and in the workplace.

I see the homeopathic consultation as the beginning for other possibilities and ways of looking at health.  To empower the patient with an understanding of how the body can help itself given the right kind of internal environment to heal itself.  From the newborn to the most elderly, homeopathy will always offer something to enhance optimum health.

She is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths. You can find out more about Shauna on her website.

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