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Beatrice, November 2012 - The Maris Practice

Testimonial - Giorgina Pontet

Testimonial - Augusta Wilson

  • Maryam KE

    Every new and expectant mum should know about this place. The team are incredible, we see Gus who is amazing and we look forward to our visits every time.

Beatrice, November 2012

The moment I let myself go completely into Giorgina's hands, I realise I can finally feel my body and its needs.

I totally tune up with my whole-self and... breath!

Any anxiety, worry or pain is gently melting away, while my focus and attention shifts to the energetic movement within my body, allowing the mind to reset and become more and more peaceful and quiet.

Only sensations, colours (lots of them!), warmth and coolness; any tension or stiffness is finally releasing; chakras seem to feel more balanced and blocked channels are free and open!

I go deeper and deeper in myself... and smile!